At this stage of basic education, children are placed in age groups (4-8 children) and follow a play program with exercises aimed for developing the following adaptive abilities.

  1. motor ability to differentiate,
  2. space orientation ability,
  3. balance ability,
  4. complex reaction capacity,
  5. rhythm ability

The most important feature of this stage is to provide many and varied experiences for children to gain good motor control and muscular fit, accuracy and performance stability.

The main goal of coaching children 4-7 years old is to enrich the kinetic memory with multifaceted motor experiences (running, jumping) to improve their cognitive functions and abilities.

Preschoolers have a special love for the game and have a developed imagination. However, their ability to concentrate diminishes and their interest rapidly diminishes, so therefore requires frequent activities with the primary aim of acquiring motor experiences.

Elementary school children (6-8 years old) are keenly interested in sports but have a reduced ability to stabilize young movements. It's a good time for motor learning and it seeks for developing adaptive skills and learn a great number of basic sports techniques.

At children aged 8-10 years old we systematically incorporate the basic technique of basketball.

Program Duration: 9 months (15 / 9-15 / 6)
Training period: 50-60 minutes
Frequency of workouts: 1-3 / week

This stage is the preparatory stage for the athlete's integration into the ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT program (10+) where along with training in adaptive skills we develop the basic and additional elements of the sport technique as well as the physical abilities of the athlete.

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