The Athens Sports Hall going through the ninth year of operation, would like to warmly thank all the athletes, parents, fellow coaches, athletes’ representatives and clubs’ administrators for their confidence in our coaching staff sport approach and process.

True to its original purpose, the Athens Sports Hall keeps working in order to be established as the best training center for maximizing basketball players’ performance.

The expertise of ASH’s stuff in planning and coaching in young ages provides the best support for their career in basketball.

According to our philosophy, we offer a complete project of services and support to the athletes and their families, which gathers all the relevant factors for their athlete development.

The inspirer of this innovative support program, is Mr Achilleas Demenagas. Mr Demenagas is the founder of Athens Sports Hall, as well as a 35-year experienced coach in players development, MSc in Maximizing Performance.

The program aspires to fill a significant gap in young ages development training.

Recruiting but most of all developing of a basketball talent in basketball, presupposes the scientific approach to long-term training planning.

It is known that Coach has a crucial role (especially on sensitive young ages) in motivating and supporting the athlete, during the trip to his athletic personal excellence.

To develop the athletic skills it is required at least 10 years (or more than 6.000 hours) of targeted training since age of 12-13.

Potential differences in the teaching environment during childhood (philosophy of the Sport Academy, type of coach, training means) lead to variances among excellent and less excellent athletes and also to different personal skills how and when these skills get developed.

The Athens Sports Hall team is always available to analyse and unfold all the aspects of this project to whom it may concerned.

For further Information:
Athens Sports Hall Secretary +30 6939398744 & +30 2105140740 (10am.-1pm. & 4pm.-7pm.)

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