We are launching the Summer Exhibition Tournament for athletes over 18 years of age in all categories who have not found their next career start in a tournament where the athlete chooses the category where they want to compete. He can also showcase his skills to interested coaches of all categories.


Group categories are divided into national (A1, A2, B league, C league) and local categories (A regional, B regional, C regional, D regional)

Estimated teams per group: 2-5 (max team entries)

Estimated total number of athletes 32-80 (max number of athletes)

Estimated number of matches per group: 4-6

The games will be held in the last 2 weeks of July, depending on the game and the first week of August.


In this way, Athens Sports Hall supports athletes in their efforts to join a team by giving coaches the opportunity to watch the matches and have a picture of the free agents to complete their team roster over a period of time where the teams have completed the transitional period.


The games will be held Monday through Friday.

Gaming hours 8pm and 9.30pm

The teams will consist of 8-10 athletes

Each game will be 40 '(4 X 10 minute quarters) mixed. The stopwatch only stops at time outs.

In the last 2 minutes of every ten minute quarter the time stops.

In the situation of a tie there will be no overtime. (the result of each game is not the goal)

Teams are entitled to one (1) time out every ten minutes.

The teams are responsible for the starting and gaming lineups. Participation time for each athlete will be the same proportionally (from 20-25 ') during the 40'.

The secretariat and statistics will inform the time of participation of each athlete.


The games will be in formal form with the referee and a person holding the stats at the table

Presence of athletic trainer in all games and taping for athletes.

The games will have live stats.

Matches will be videotaped and videos will be available (at an indicative cost)

The games will be held in the last 2 weeks of July, depending on the game and the first week of August.

Games at 8 and 9.30 pm

Athletes are free to participate in the demo tournament.

Interested coaches will be updated by the ASH communication channels on the game schedule and will be provided with information on each athlete (resume, body count etc) as well as his or her statistical picture of each game. The air-conditioned café in the Athens Sports Hall Balcony can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people and will have 20 court seats.

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